For nearly a thousand years, the divine monarch ruled over the kingdom of Tenrem, maintaining order amongst the cities that dot the countryside, and the wealthy families that fought for power. A standing army of warriors, mages, and divine clerics maintained order throughout the region, and secured the borders from the dark forces that threatened the rest of the continent.

But a short ten years ago, everything changed. Fed up with the king’s power, a band of wealthy nobles contracted their own army, strong enough to fight their way into the king’s castle, and eliminate the entire royal family. With the monarchy destroyed and no heir to the divine right to rule, the once-glorious kingdom degraded into smaller regions bickering and battling over the rights to surrounding territories. Wealthy lords and merchants attempt to buy their way into power, with no greater authority to stop them.

The king’s army was disbanded without a leader, leaving thousands of professional soldiers to find a living. Those vying for power hired on these warriors as mercenaries – armies for sale to the highest bidder. These armies wage war not for the glory of any god or nation, but for coin.

But these battles are not the greatest danger Tenrem faces. Without the king’s army to guard the kingdom’s borders, dark forces have begun to find their way into the region. Beasts and demons that were thought to be myth and legend have been seen deep within Tenrem’s borders. Clerics and holy men across the countryside have been plagued with visions of a darkness none have sensed before. Evil has found its way into this once-peaceful land.

It is in this state of chaos and uncertainty that your group has assembled. Your motivations for joining this party are your own, but you have been united by one clear point: you can not survive alone. Travelers put their lives as risk merely by leaving the walls of their city. You may not know your companions very well, or you may disagree with their motives. But you understand that your own goals can not be accomplished by yourself. And with that in mind, you and your party venture forth. From here on, your destiny, and indeed your very survival, is dependent on those around you.

The Kingdom of Tenrem